Saatchi Gallery

London’s Saatchi Gallery, famously banned in Australia, were finally exhibiting some of their most famous pieces at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

With three dimensional work from such renowned and controversial artists as Tracey Emin, simply displaying images in traditional media simply wouldn’t do them justice (and some were simply too experiential.)

But with a mainly outdoor and radio buy, we had to the work justice without, well, showing any of it.

So we described them.

Using the skills of master typographer Mick Tonello, we created unique pieces that allowed the viewer to picture the image in their head and, of course, want to see it for real.

Radio ads with actors from the Bell Shakespeare company used words and sound to do what radio is best at – the theatre of the mind.

The Saatchi Gallery exhibition became the Art Gallery of South Australia’s most popular exhibit of all time.