CommBank CAN Launch

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of the largest banks in the world.

After winning the business, we were tasked with rebuilding its brand from the ground up.

At the time, the global financial crisis had left Australians with a sense of inertia, so we wanted to create something innately positive.

Our strategy, CommBank enables forward progress.

‘Can’ was born.

In one of the the largest fully integrated campaigns the country had ever seen, we covered teasing posters with the word ‘CAN’T.’ A week later, we unveiled the campaign and the posters simply became ‘CAN.’

The Can campaign immediately created a leadership position lacking from the government at the time.

After four years of record profits, Commbank being named bank of the year two years in a row and the highest customer satisfaction scores for nearly a decade, the campaign is now regarded as one of the world’s biggest and most successful campaigns.

As a sign of the deep resonance ‘CAN’ has with Australians, my launch poem can still be found on the walls of schools and hospitals throughout the country.