Come and Say G’Day – the short film.

This nine-minute short film was the biggest production Australia Tourism had made for six years.

COVID had decimated tourism, so a campaign was needed to draw the world back to Australia.

Tourism films are traditionally vignettes of locations and landmarks.

They’re easy to present, easy to make and everyone does them.

So we decided to do something different.

Something that would take over a year to produce.

“Come and say G’Day’ had to appeal to everyone.

That’s everyone in the world.

So another ‘Son of Crocodile Dundee’ wouldn’t cut it.

(After all, it was written for the western markets.)

We needed a story that could take the viewer from location to location seamlessly.

They needed to be engaged by the characters and inspired by the scenery.

So a Pixar short film was the solution.

The tourism figures in 2022 and now 2023 are testament to that simple story.