Sydney Film Festival: Stories

The Sydney Film Festival was cancelled in 2020. For the obvious reasons.

But without donations, even the 2021 festival was threatened.

Australians mistakenly believe that the SFF is a cash-rich organisation with grants from the government.

But this isn’t true. Without donations and bequests, they wouldn’t survive.

And the stories wouldn’t be told.

Stories have never been more important. Especially now.

Stories are one of the fundamental reasons for us being us.

From stories calved onto Egyptian tombs, embroidered into tapestries or shot on 35mm, they share knowledge, history and humanity.

We live in an age where many of our stories are picked for us by a computer algorithm, so film festivals are critical for how we see the world.

And as a film lover, it was a privilege to write these words.

And even more exciting to hear some of the world’s greatest talent delivering them.

(The actual poem is beneath the film.)