Tourism Australia ‘MateSong’

On Christmas Day, as millions of Brits tuned in to the Queen’s Speech, pop icon Kylie Minogue delivered a song of mateship to entice visitors Down Under. Matesong was the first activation of our pitch winning ‘Philausophy’ platform. Our three minute film celebrated the rich and longstanding ties that exist between Australia and the UK.

And it was designed to run right in the middle of the divisive Brexit decision, leaving the UK seemingly without friends (or, indeed, a trade deal.)

The beer-mat idea was to create a letter from one mate to a mate who’s a little down – because that’s what mates do. And mateship isn’t just Australian, it’s embedded within our constitution. And who better than the two Aussies who best exemplify the friendship between the two nations. The Queen of pop herself Kylie Minogue and constant defender of the UK people in trying times, Adam Hills.

UK audiences had been introduced to the performance in the weeks leading up to the Queen’s annual address via unbranded TV programming in partnership with ITV through on-station idents. Posters and an appointment to view in TV guide scheduling planted the seed. On Christmas Day in the UK, Kylie Minogue revealed the true motive behind ‘Matesong’ – one nation reaching out to another in friendship when it’s needed most.